About Our Directors

The Illini Service Dogs leadership team consists of three boards that oversee the operation of the organization. The administrative board has five members, one of which being the executive liaison that sits on the this board and is also president of the executive board. The administrative board has responsibility over the operation of the organization as a whole and votes on key decisions. The advisory board consists of individuals who provide specialized skills & services in differing fields and act as a sub-committee to the administrative board. These individuals work closely with the administrative board and provide consulting services to aid in the decision making process. The executive board is comprised of University of Illinois students who are elected every spring & oversee the day-to-day operations on campus. All board members volunteer their time outside of school and work to make sure that Illini Service Dogs is on the path to success.

Administrative Board Members

Bridget Evans

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Alison Olivo

Chief Operating Officer

Mary Guth

Chief Financial Officer

Alyssa Henkels

Chief Information Officer

Sarah Schum

Executive Liaison to the Administrative Board

Executive Board Members

image_from_ios (1).jpg
Sarah Schum


Sophia Survant

Vice President

Kendall Crackel


Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 8.09.36 AM.png
Allison Kautz

Fundraising Chair

Vitaly Capitaine

Social Media Chair

Advisory Board Members

Illini Service Dogs Board of Directors
Sharon West

Training Advisor

Illini Service Dogs Board of Directors
Amanda Murphy

Training Advisor

Illini Service Dogs Board of Directors
Kendall Cox

Training Advisor

Abbie Leber

Training Advisor

Illini Service Dogs Board of Directors
Maddi Steiner

Training Advisor

Illini Service Dogs Board of Directors
Mary Kiolbasa

Training Advisor

Illini Service Dogs Board of Directors
Angi Mitas, DVM

Veterinarian Care

Allie Cervone

Health & Records Advisor

Amber Mickelson

Logistics Coordinator

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Emma Aughinbaugh
Hugo Trevino

Philanthropy Advisor

Placement Coordinator

Kyle Mueller

Public Relations

Katie Callaghan

Training Advisor

Margo Tschetter

Training Advisor

Jenna Schneider

Training Advisor